RocketPower Spotlight - Lisa Judelson

Project Leader

Lisa, our Project Leader, exemplifies our value of Everyone wins. She is always sharing useful tips and tricks she learns from extensions for LI to sourcing pools... She is always willing to share her tips so everyone can win.

What made you want to join RocketPower?

Like so many others, I was laid off last year due to COVID-19 and decided to take some time off to regroup. I was not actively looking, when I received a message one evening from Jeff (whilst sitting in my MIA apartment with broken AC) about potential RPO opportunities with RocketPower. I wasn’t initially interested in RPO but seeing that RP was named as a “Forbes Top 100 Startups to work for” I decided to hop on a (sweaty) call that same night to learn more. We had a great chat and the following day I connected with Mat, who told me about RP’s services, vision, fantastic clients and upcoming projects. Suffice it to say, everyone’s warmth, passion and genuine commitment to RP’s people and future was contagious!

Briefly describe your role here at RocketPower…

I joined RocketPower in February as a full cycle Recruiter, assigned to a leading biotechnology client, who had mobilized to repurpose core parts of its infrastructure for a massive COVID-19 response. My role was to really drive and lead recruitment & hiring efforts for their Vaccination Distribution Program, which was a truly rewarding experience. This week, I will be moving into a new role (another great thing about RP!) as a Project Lead for an exciting new client, where I will be leading a great team of recruiters, working together to meet their growing hiring needs.

What core value do you resonate with most? (SOFE - Seek to Understand, Ownership Mentality, First Things First, Everybody Wins)

Definitely “Everybody Wins”. In the wise words of Henry Ford: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." This really embodies how we work at RP. Whether it be for our clients, our business or our teammates, we truly work together to achieve success, celebrating wins as a team!

What is your favorite thing about working at RocketPower?

Personally, I am always looking to challenge myself and continue learning, so I really love the dynamic environment; the opportunity to work with various clients, in different verticals, each with their own nuances. And of course, the PEOPLE. From our Leadership teams to teammates, I always feel heard, valued and fully supported. Thanks RP fam!

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work/your interests or hobbies/anything you’d like to highlight about yourself?

Funnily enough, similar to sourcing for / finding candidates, I absolutely love to “hunt” for items online. My friends will send me a picture of something they are looking for and I will scour the internet until I find it! I once saw a dress Miley Cyrus wore on a magazine cover and searched for probably 2+ months until I finally found the only one left, in a tiny boutique in Wales of all places!

What is a fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know?

I LOVE Eminem. I was convinced I would marry him for the longest time. I went to a concert a few years ago, arrived about 4 hours early, outside in the boiling heat in West Palm Beach. I dressed to the nines, was right in the front, thinking this would be my chance - we would make eye contact and that would be it! I actually ended up fainting 2 minutes before he came on and the cameraman had to dump an entire bucket of water on me. Alas, I am still not Mrs. Mathers, but the concert was great!