New Hire - Jon Tarrico

New Hire - Jon Tarrico

Strategic Sourcing Lead

"It’s been a long evening and I’m staring at the ceiling as I’m thinking WOW, tomorrow is the first day of an extraordinary and challenging opportunity. It’s fair to say that It’s Ok having mixed feelings and being somehow a little bit afraid - after all, I’ve decided to leave my prior employer. However, taking that leap of faith and understanding that it’s also the right time to do it gives me the needed strength and peace.

Maybe you’ve already heard about that old saying “Sharing is Caring”, right? I couldn’t agree more with it. I’m so happy and excited to say I’ve decided to join RocketPower’s team. I’ll be sharing life-sourcing learnings, mentoring sourcing padawans, and helping master the most amazing industry hacks that will help this ship conquer new spaces."

-Jon Tarrico


What made me join RocketPower?

I had been working with my prior employer for a long long 10 year time (Yeap, that is a long one) and had a couple of old friends who had recently joined - Marcelo, you did it again! All I had been hearing was how great and amazing the projects, culture, and team were. In the end, having great people to continue work with but also embracing new projects sounded like fun.

Briefly describe your role here at RocketPower…

I’m thrilled to say that I’m given VIP access to hop in; try new things out, play with some of our industry’s amazing tools, reverse engineer processes, and stuff, in the good sense of helping amazing teams ramp up and become better at what I love the most - SOURCING.

What core value do you resonate with most? (SOFE - Seek to Understand, Ownership Mentality, First Things First, Everybody Wins)

Seek to understand resonates with me. When I started, back in the day, there was nobody around for me to reach out in search of any kind of advice/help or mentorship. Today, life gives me an amazing opportunity to change the past and modify the future by sharing - making everybody win is also my cup of tea too.

What are you looking forward to most in working at RocketPower?

In the first place, and most importantly, working with an amazing group of people (Some that I knew - from prior working experiences - and other new ones that I will be working with/for). If you are surrounded by amazing humans, it’s clear to me that as a company, we won’t have any boundaries. Second, I was wowed with the projects and technologies available to us - Lol, sorry guys, I’m not allowed to tell. It’s top-secret.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work/your interests or hobbies/anything you’d like to highlight about yourself?

Outside work, I’m typically looking after my son “Salvador”, learning to code, or trying to break internet stuff. I’m an absolute geek, love technology, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), and of course, Sourcing!

What is a fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know?

I’m a cooking aficionado - LOL I’m carrying a little bit of weight these days as the pandemic took me onto the amazing world of both sourdough bread and Neapolitan Pizza (Yummy!).