RocketPower Spotlight - Brian Gothberg

IT/Operations Specialist

Brian wears more hats than anyone in the company - InfoSec, Outsourcing Operations, Recruiting Operations, Revenue operations, Systems and Tools. He has also jumped in and became a client-facing sourcer when it was needed (Petal) and did a great job. He's a joy to work with, always has a great attitude, and is always available whenever needed. COOL!

What made you want to join RocketPower?

I was looking for a job to tide me over while pursuing a career change and ended up finding something so much better. The details are a little hazy but the offer was something along the lines of, “Hey man, we’re a start-up that first and foremost believes: people power business. There’s plenty of opportunity to learn and work on projects of interest, the leadership team is great at what they do and want to support your career growth, and we’re fully remote so you get to work from home or wherever else you want. We’ll also throw in annual all-inclusive tropical vacations and a new mountain bike. Want to join?”

Or something like that… Even without the tropical vacations and mountain bike, joining RocketPower was an easy decision.

Briefly describe your role here at RocketPower…

Having the right tools is an important first step to getting anything done. I’m here to support the team with the technology and tools we need to do our jobs well and to fix them when they aren’t working.

What core value do you resonate with most? (SOFE - Seek to Understand, Ownership Mentality, First Things First, Everybody Wins)

Everybody wins - a company is a team and teams win and lose together. When we support the success and growth of the people we work with, it’s good for everyone.

What is your favorite thing about working at RocketPower?

RocketPower is constantly in motion and new challenges pop up all the time. While we all have our roles and responsibilities, there is a lot of opportunity to work on projects that align with our career goals and interests.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work/your interests or hobbies/anything you’d like to highlight about yourself?

I like to get outside and walk, run, hike or do just about anything outside to make up for the many hours I (fondly) spend in front of screens. If I’m indoors I’m probably on my computer or sleeping so I try to balance that out with as much fresh air and sunshine as I can.

What is a fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know?

I recently got engaged. After you get past the, “so how was your weekend?” questions the Monday after, it doesn’t really come up in conversation anymore.