Finding great recruiters just got easier

Coming out of 2020, one thing that has become more and more evident for companies in 2021 is that recruiting is hard, really hard. Due to numerous factors - unprecedented Venture Capital investment, record level growth of modern enterprises, the Great Resignation, and general apathy toward many traditional jobs - finding qualified people to power business has become harder than ever before. And something that is making all of that even harder, is that according to recent reports, the demand for recruiters is more than double the pre-pandemic peaks. Due to this, many companies are looking at even more creative ways to recruit people.

I founded RocketPower 5 years ago after spending 8 years as a People operator running Recruiting and HR for Deem, Mozilla, and Instacart. With each of these places, I had the fortune of having the budget to experiment with many different approaches to recruiting. RocketPower was designed after those learnings while remaining adaptable to continually stay on the bleeding edge of how to recruit people better and faster than the competition. What has come of it is our unique process (known internally as DPA), our proprietary tools and technology, and our team, which have made us the best recruiting partner in the industry and why our list of clients is the who’s who of the most innovative companies in the world. This is also why RocketPower has been named back to back as one of America’s Best Startups to Work For by Forbes and is one of the only services companies on that list each year.

Getting here wasn't easy. It took a lot of work, coupled with the constant challenge to think outside the box to try to forecast where the industry was going. One thing we are particularly proud of is that a little over 4 years ago we began to invest in a geo-distributed workforce. We started by hiring engineers and recruiters in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. We had good reason to start there considering our CTO spent 12 years living in Argentina and Brazil, our CSO spent over 8 years living in Central and South America and I spent nearly 2 years living in Costa Rica. Our collective time in LatAm helped us come to appreciate the level of talent in LatAm and, to each of us individually, brought a love of the people and the culture.

During the last 4 years we have continued to invest in Latin America to the point where, as of today, of the nearly 400 people at RocketPower in over 6 continents, over 170 are in Latin America. Our success in LatAm is more than just our experience with the people there. We have a rigorous process of vetting everyone that works with us to ensure that not only are their capabilities for the job they are doing at least on par with our US team but that their communication is also on par with our US team. This vetting process has enabled our LatAm team to be able to provide services to an exciting array of US-based health-tech, fintech, and other exciting startups. During this time we have continued to experiment with several different operational and commercial models to help companies recruit.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen an interest in the market for a value-led recruiting solution that does not need our Full Premiere RPO solution while at the same time is not looking to manage recruiting resources like our Contract Recruiting model.

By combining a value-oriented approach with remarkable early-career talent in Latin America and our established recruiting process, we’ve created a highly effective entry-point recruiting solution with all the quality the market demands from RocketPower while providing an amazing value for our customers. We call it RockitLaunch Recruiting.

RockitLaunch Recruiting pricing is only $6,000 per month per recruiter, plus a small success fee for each hire made. Other key roles such as sourcers and RC’s are priced even lower.

There are some other companies out there that offer value-oriented services that, at first glance, look similar to RockitLaunch Recruiting. However, there are at least 4 key differences between what clients get with RockitLaunch Recruiting and with these other companies.

1 - Exclusivity to Clients

THEM - Some companies incentivize their people to take the path of working on multiple clients at the same time. This means each recruiter working with you will be presenting the same candidates to you as they do to at least 1 and up to 3 other companies. Guaranteeing you zero exclusivity.

RP - With RockitLaunch Recruiting, our team members work for only one client at a time. All their time and work is dedicated to you and all their work product belongs to you when they leave.

2 -Employee Experience

THEM - Their resources will be working 16 or more hours a day which means these people will eventually burn out and their quality of service will drop. Something that most of our clients also care about is quality of life. These “competitors”, quite frankly, treat their team like indentured servants, all under the guise of an “opportunity” to make a lot of money by working on multiple projects. That is not building great talent, that is exploiting it.

RP - At our core, people are the most important part of our business and as such, should be treated as such. We are wholeheartedly against these other companies’ approach to their people. With RockitLaunch Recruiting, you will get team members who love their work, have a quality of life, and bring their full self to the project.

3 - Technology

RP - With RockitLaunch Recruiting, you get our data-driven approach coupled with our engineering team that has spent 4 years designing and building tools to make recruiting more effective and insights richer. Our Engineering team of 15 is constantly working on an ever-expanding suite of tools including our dashboards, our presentation portal, and our capacity planning model. The tools built by this team are part of the service offering for RockitLaunch Recruiting at no additional cost to our clients.

THEM - Our competitors do not have any proprietary tech.

4- Leadership

RP - We have an entire leadership team in LatAm including a Head of LatAm Operations, HR Operations, Finance, and Delivery Management - all focused 100% on hiring, managing, and improving on the best team in the industry. This ensures our teams are delivering exactly what our clients want when they want it. This allows us to diagnose problems early and pivot fast to ensure KPIs and SLAs are met.

THEM - There have been cases of new companies seeing opportunities in the market and viewing people in LatAm as low-cost resources. They offer no real management structure and try to figure out a process on their customer's dime.

As I mentioned in my recent post, La Ausencia Que Genera La Querencia, I am incredibly proud of our entire team across the world, including our folks in LatAm. I know for a fact we have the best recruiting solution out there, full stop. We are excited to be able to continue to change the way companies recruit by providing them with the best recruiting teams, processes, and tech in the industry through RockitLaunch Recruiting.