Helping Organizations Make Key Hires

In the current economic environment, the outlook is unsure across many business fronts. Hiring solutions such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Recruiting On Demand (ROD) can be significant help to organizations who still need to make key hires. 

Both RPO and ROD supplement your in-house talent acquisition team. As we use the terms, the key difference is management:

  • In RPO, the provider manages the overall process and data management, while also delivering the recruiters, sourcers, RC’s, etc. 

  • In ROD, the business using the service integrates oversees all of the process and data management while the provider delivers the right recruiting talent on a contract basis.

One of the key benefits of both RPO/ROD is they provide companies with greater flexibility and help them avoid the pain of laying off internal resources during cyclical changes in hiring needs. This means that companies can ramp up their hiring during periods of growth and scale back during downturns, without having to worry about laying off core in-house recruiters. This can not only be disruptive to the business, but it can also create a negative impression among potential recruits.

As a more positive alternative, since RPO / ROD is designed to be a supplemental service, when a specific engagement ends due to changing hiring needs, the provider and the business can celebrate a partnership that executed a great program and look forward to working together again. We recently completed a program with our awesome partner Gem who made a wonderful thank you video for the team we share in part here. 

Overall, using RPO / ROD as part of your recruiting strategy can provide a number of benefits, including the ability to quickly adjust to changing business needs, reduced costs, and the avoidance of the pain of layoffs. In today's competitive business environment, these advantages can be crucial for companies looking to attract and retain top talent.