RPO Sucks. Part...1.5

Until we published Sales Outsourcing Sucks a couple of months ago, my post on the challenges of Recruiting Process Outsourcing from February was our most read post.

I'd love for you to read the whole thing here: RPO Sucks.

It's almost incomprehensible to view how much the world has changed overall in the intervening 9 months. But one thing that has remained unchanged amid all the chaos wrought by the pandemic, is this:

As it stands right now, data shows that hiring a strong technical recruiter is nearly as hard as hiring a machine learning/AI engineer. Because of this, fast-growing companies turn to companies like RocketPower to provide a “plug and play” recruiting team to make critical hires while also building and implementing branding, training and a cohesive recruiting process tailored to each client which will be the framework to continue to scale after we are done.

The types of companies that we are seeing needing our help have shifted with the economy. But the demand for technical recruiting help has never been greater - and fast growing companies are in need of help to prevent the difficulty of landing quality technical talent from being a blocker.

Although I had planned a detailed follow up much sooner, the demands of the business has kept my focus squarely on our employees and our clients.

Despite the challenges that RPO brings, hence the provocative title of the original blog, we're psyched that we stuck with the RPO business, and that we've applied the wisdom and counsel mentioned in the close of the post:

I started turning to people whose opinion I trusted, people I could be completely open with and who would give me real feedback and input, people like those mentioned above. My next blog will fill you in on what they had to say - and how we’ve applied it...

I'm looking forward to finishing Part 2 of the blog in the weeks to come as we roll into the holiday season, and sharing with you how we've been able to make RPO not suck for our current clients, and helped them turn their challenges into wins. Feel free to reach out to me at if you don't want to wait...