Takeaways from conversations with 100+ Senior People Leaders.

Takeaways from conversations with 100+ Senior People Leaders.

In this, our 1st Zoomcast, we discuss the lessons learned from our Executive Search team, who have a significant focus on People & Talent leaders. What are our observations from talking to 100+ CPO and VP People folks over the last several months.  Moderated by, Tommy Jenkins (Executive Director), the team also includes: Michael J. Case (Sr. Partner), Kyle Edquist (Principal Recruiter), & Brittany Barron (Principal Recruiter). 

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In this Episode you will discover: 

  1. What the CPO / VP People role is and its growing impact,

  2. The impact of COVID-19 on the position, and 

  3. Ways people can work to move into this position

Guide via timestamp:

What about the role?

  • 1st things 1st - What type of companies have you been working with - Why companies are seeking CPOs? - 1:58

  • Is there demand for these roles? If so, why do you think these roles are growing in importance? - 5.38

  • When looking to fill these CPO and VP of People roles for your clients what are the most important qualities the Executive team are looking for from your candidates? 6.10

  • Two questions here: What are the most important qualities to have and most difficult qualities to find in your candidate base? - 10.40

  • Difference between CPO and Head of Talent? 15.45

COVID -19 and Impacts

  • Are these folks still hiring? What are they using their time to focus on now? What types of companies do you see continuing to hire and what type of roles? 17.54

Candidates interested in becoming a CPO /VP People

  1. I understand you focus on Executives but what advice do you have for people that are looking to get into HR? Where do they start? 23.00

  2. What benefits does hiring a CPO bring to the role? 28.34

  3. Final Thoughts - 32.10

Our Executive Search team is focused on retained executive search for growing technology companies, with specific vertical focus areas of Engineering, People & Talent, and Go To Market leaders. Because we’re part of RocketPower, we’re able to drive these critical searches with an eye to the overall talent strategy of our clients, and we’re flexible in how we engage.