Working Remotely at RocketPower: What Does it Mean for Me?

For as long as I can remember, I knew I was going to leave Argentina, my home country, to travel to other places and get to know other cultures. I didn't know why, but I felt that deep yearning. 

A few years ago, I couldn’t have even imagined having a job that would allow me to travel, meet amazing people, and have fun while working. I was working 9-6 in an office 20 blocks away from home and saving all year to go somewhere during my holidays. So, how did I manage to get a job that let me fulfill my dream? I joined Rocket Power! 

Let me introduce myself: I’m an IT recruiter at RocketPower, and we provide recruiting, staffing and outsourcing services for different clients from all around the world. As recruiters, we connect people with opportunities, and that’s one of the things that I enjoy the most about my job. I feel that I can have a positive impact on other people's lives and I can be there for them in a moment of change. For most of us, work takes up a lot of our waking hours, so switching jobs and working in a good environment can mean a radical shift in someone’s life. 

The best part of working at RocketPower is that I’m able to do all of the above while working remotely from anywhere. My job allows me to travel and work on a train or a plane, or even at my favorite coffee shop while drinking a flat white. This whole experience let me learn a lot about time management and how to organize my work across different time zones, for example, when scheduling meetings or arranging independent work, like sourcing or replying to InMails. 

My journey began a few months ago when I decided to look for a new job to achieve my goal of traveling while working. Even though I was already working remotely in a very nice environment, working across different time zones was not an option there. That is why one of the main factors I considered when having interviews was the type of remote work they implemented. Luckily, at RocketPower, they told me that I could work freely from anywhere, which made me feel confident about their flexibility and culture. 

After a few months at RocketPower, I booked a flight to Croatia, where I started my trip. Since I got here, my teammates and leaders have been nothing but supportive. It’s comforting to know that in times of constant travel and change my work remains the same. Every time we have a meeting, we agree on a time that is not “crazy” for any of us. At first, it was a little hard to adjust with almost all of my team working from Latin America, but we’ve made it work. 

Looking back, I think everything was and still is a great experience; every day feels like a new adventure. Some time ago, I read a book called "Hello Fears". Among many things, it talks about how we, as humans, structure our memories in some kind of boxes. When we wake up and do the same thing every day, our brains arrange all those memories in the same box, making our days look the same and leading us to feel like time flies. However, when we get out of that routine and create new experiences, our brains open a new box to store those new experiences, changing our perception of time. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling since I started my trip. It's crazy how traveling slows down time, and a week can feel like a month! I love that feeling of being alive, discovering new things and creating new boxes for my brain to keep all these moments. That's why, for me, working remotely and with a salary that allows me to move from one country to another is much more profound than staying home on a winter day, or being able to work in my pajamas. RocketPower has given me this huge opportunity, and I’m grateful to those who trusted me during this journey. Now, I’m glad to be part of this team too and to be able to present this kind of opportunity to other people as well.

-Technical recruiter at RockitLaunch