Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Explosive growth often happens without the internal recruiting infrastructure to support it.

We've created our Recruiting In A Box solution to provide the people, process, systems, and consulting to ensure our clients' hiring needs are met -and business goals achieved.

We provide the systems, tools, and processes you need to build or extend your own internal recruiting function, and often the last hires we make are our replacements. 

Contract Recruiting

Achieving the right  mix of contract vs permanent recruiters in the enterprise has never been more important given the difficulties of forecasting the business. 


Whether you need them for a quarter or a year, RP is uniquely equipped.

Our depth of experience and our unique network allows us to provide contract recruiters on an on demand basis to scale when you need it, and pull back when you don't.

RockitLaunch Engineering

Whether in your local market or remote, the battle for the best engineering talent is crazier than ever.

English language skills, time zone convenience, and extremely high technical skill create tremendous value in Latin America.


We completely manage the international complexities of the process ensuring you get what you need in the exact way you design it with none of the headaches.

Build The Exact Solution You Need

Custom programs across RPO, Contract Recruiting, and Distributed Engineering give you all of what you need - and none of what you don't.