Game Designer, Systems & Economy (Reg or Principal)

Remote - US. Client Roles - IT Staffing

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Job Description

Creates and optimizes the quantitative design of our in-game systems potentially including economy and monetization depth, matchmaking algorithm, and balancing game content (gun stats, battle pass rewards, economic modeling, crafting systems design, player ecosystem analysis, user journey modeling, and other more complex systems).
The systems designer will work with a small, cross-functional team focusing on solutions to make an incredibly ambitious and compelling F2P mobile shooter game.

Design, implement and balance/optimize game content through spreadsheets, third-party tools, and proprietary tools.
Analyze and optimize in-game behaviors and features driven by in-game systems.
Implement and automate the use of game data through scripting languages (e.g., Lua, Python, etc.).
Work with the engineering and the product team to the instrument and analyze in-game systems for optimization.
Continually improve our models, tools, and processes for game content planning and optimization.
Manage and train a junior systems designer who will be working locally in Bangalore.

Experience: Experience working on at least 1 mobile game title as a systems designer full life cycle.
Skills: Excel mastery.
F2P Systems Knowledge: Good understanding of key F2P design systems such as gacha fusion, crafting, battle pass, sales & merchandising, sales bundling, etc.
Player Psychology: Good understanding of player psychology and player motivations involved with different kinds of game systems.
Thinking: You should have deep thinking skills, a very high IQ, and very strong puzzle-solving and logical thinking capabilities.
Approach: You should be highly structured and organized, strive to make any system as small and simple as possible, and have a maniacal focus on effectiveness and efficiency.
Analysis: Python, R, and SQL a PLUS!

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