Principal Unity Developer

Remote - US. Client Roles - IT Staffing

About the role

We are looking for ambitious and driven developers who want to build a world-class shooter game. You should be comfortable with solving complex problems, taking initiative, and coming up with creative solutions.

This position will be responsible for implementing highly performant and optimized features on a new, unannounced, and super-ambitious FPS shooter game. The Principal Developer will work as part of the engineering team developing the game in Unity. 

Location: Remote


  • Work on the biggest technical challenges in our new shooter game. Hit accuracy, server authoritative gameplay, animations, memory and performance optimizations, etc.
  • Work on shooting feel, bullet behavior, recoil, feedback, sound, etc.
  • Write efficient and optimized multiplayer code on top of our net code.
  • Work with product managers and designers to understand game features and help break down engineering tasks for the team.
  • Regularly run profiler to maintain performance and quality of our codebase.
  • Participate in code reviews.
  • Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and stability of the game.


  • Expert knowledge of Unity game engine and history of shipping commercially successful games.
  • Ability to reasonably estimate and plan tasks and features.
  • Expert understanding of multithreading, async, and thread-safe code.
  • Good at profiling the game and identifying the bottlenecks and performance issues.
  • Follows technical best practices and guidelines and comes up with better ways of solving problems.
  • Understanding of data-oriented approach and new Unity DOTS.
  • Understanding backend/networking is a plus.

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