[SV Academy] Full-Stack Senior Engineer

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About the role

Company: SV Academy
Role: Full-Stack Senior Engineer

Who we are looking for:
●    You are outcome-oriented, and take a high degree of ownership. You share your opinions, take responsibility, and get things done.
●    Candidate will be an individual contributor (IC), experience being a tech-lead or project shepherd is a huge plus. No expectation to manage a team, however, there is room to grow with the org in that direction too.
●    You are passionate about building great products to address user needs and resolve their pain points.
●    You have a solid understanding of engineering best practices and principles of system design.
●    You take a thoughtful approach to decision making and evaluating trade-offs, knowing when to move fast and when to do things thoroughly.
●    You like to help, teach, and mentor your colleagues.
Current Tech Stack – Required skills:
You have 5+ years of deep industry experience with modern full-stack web development (for example: React, Python, Django, Rails, Express, Elixir Phoenix,, etc…).
Python, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy,
TypeScript, React, Next.js,
SCSS, Tailwinds
Google Cloud Platform
Salesforce, Airtable, Retool, Stacker, Integromat (not mandatory)
Experience with security
Experienced and opinionated around the benefits of different backend technologies, and how they affect customer facing side
Contributions you will make to the company within your first 3 months?
Build Asynchronous, idempotent task queues to synchronize multiple systems with sources-of-truth
Maintain and implement new features on the forms backend (python, PostgreSQL, - Asynch work with Salesforce)
Instrument increasing parts of the user journey (on the website and internal systems) with Segment events (
Develop a custom Fivetran data connector that extracts data from our LMS and loads it into BigQuery for the Data team to analyze (
Build beautiful, reusable, mobile-first React components that extend the capabilities of, our drag-and-drop page designer for the Growth team (
Investigate, prioritize, and implement performance improvements that decrease LCP & TTI for the website
Hunt down and fix subtle CSS bugs that may be affecting only a subset of devices and screen sizes
Participate in discussions on on-going architectural work, helping us reason about potential edge-cases and nuanced interactions between systems
Contributions you will make to the company within your first year?
●    Own, design, and implement a student-facing, mobile-first, web experience that seamlessly guides the user from when they apply to their first day as an SV student to post-graduation as an SV Alum
●    Own the outcome of a flexible and powerful website for the Growth team, accomplished with a drag-and-drop frontend builder and custom React components
●    Own and shepherd the key distributed, asynchronous, internal orchestration systems that keep our operations running smoothly and allow teams to create seamless experiences for our students
Company Snapshot: SV Academy is an online school where 97% of graduates had no tech background before joining the program. We raised a Series A reaching deeper into the talent pool and upskilling highly motivated and diverse jobseeking communities for tech jobs at companies like SurveyMonkey, Palo Alto Networks, and PayPal. Now we are quickly headed to the next stage of growth and impact. Join us as we scale to Series B and beyond!
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