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Contained Search

Unique hybrid solution to maximize value for your key searches.

What is Contained Recruiting?


It combines the best consultative approach of retained search with the value creation and the risk/reward of contingent recruiting.


We focus on highly screened quality candidates that are incredibly well calibrated to your needs.

Consultative Approach


As with all RocketPower offerings, our engagement starts with a deep understanding of your needs and how your company operates. 

Clear communication is critical, as we function as an extension of your internal team. 

This stands in stark contrast to contingent agencies who throw whatever they can"over the fence" without regard for your brand equity or candidate experience. 


The right roles and scenarios

What is the best scenario for a contained search? The typical roles are key openings which the internal team is having trouble filling, but are business critical.

This is often no fault of the internal team, but a matter of bandwidth, focus, and network. By applying our search experts to these roles, we can close the gaps.

Hard to fill roles for Mid-level leaders in People and Talent, and IT are great candidates for a Contained Search. Account Executives, Sales Directors , and Customer Success Managers are great targets in the in the GTM world, as well as Chiefs of Staff and similar operations roles.

Minimal Retainer


Why charge a retainer at all?

Our experience has consistently shown that the engagement from the client is massively enhanced with a small monthly retainer vs full contingent.

The retainer fee is typically credited back to the client at the successful conclusion of the search, fundamentally serving as a deposit. It's not about the money, it's about the partnership.


Results based

Putting skin in the game is the RocketPower way.


We are only successful if we fill your key roles.


By heavily weighting the financials on the successful closure of the search, we maximize partnership and value for our clients, while saving a tremendous amount over typical agency fees. 

Now more than ever, companies need Search Services that bring the best of the consultative approach of RocketPower, with the flexibility and economic options of hybrid contingent and retained searches. 

Quick Customer Story


  • Our Madison, WIconsin based client, AkitaBox, creates revolutionary tools to make data-driven building management easy.

  • Like RocketPower, AkitaBox puts their clients first in everything they do. They build tools and provide diverse facility solutions for building management professionals and their teams, an incredibly important mission in our current world. 

  • AkitaBox turned to RocketPower to assist with their needs for hiring critical Account Executives. Our Contained Search was a great fit for them due to the consultative manner in which we were able to work with their existing recruiting staff, and the high value created by the conatined fee model.

  • RocketPower succesfully filled the pipeline with highly qualified candidates who upon hire quickly surpassed their sales goals, critical for a growing company like AkitaBox. 


"We appreciate the commitment your team has made, they've been great to work with. Rocketpower has been fantastic!"

- Tom Williams, Vice President of Sales

Which hard to fill roles could I fill with Contained Search?