You need engineers. We have them for you. 

In Latin America and beyond.

Software is eating the world - and all the Engineers & Data Scientists too. In all the usual markets that is. 

Whether it's Silicon Valley, New York, Miami, or even remote, you know the battle for the

best engineering talent is crazy. 


Why consider RockitLaunch Engineering in LatAm and beyond?



Outstanding English fluency:


We know how important clear communication is to a team.  All of our resources are fully vetted and confirmed to be completely fluent in English.

Clear communication supported by dashboards gives you confidence in your team's progress.

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Time Zone


Just an hour away:

Some companies have faced issues with gaps in working hours in Europe or India. Our LatAm locations are within 1 hour of Eastern Time. This ensures real time progress right from the start.

Other companies prefer a round the clock global approach which we can accommodate in multiple geos. 



Unparalleled talent:

Our leadership team has spent over two decades in this space creating relationships with the top tech universities.


This has led to a large network of fantastic senior level talent who are excited to work with US-based tech companies. 



Savings and retention:

You don’t need to overpay or get affected by high attrition.

Foreign markets gives you access to hardworking, highly skilled talent for a fraction of the US market price.

How can I get started in LatAm and beyond?
Recruiting Services

Some clients want to expand with their own employees overseas. We handle all the details of in-country recruiting while coordinating closely in sync with your US Engineering leadership and Talent Acquisition teams.  

Outsourcing individuals or teams from RocketPower on a temporary or long term basis is the best option for many hypergrowth companies.  This removes the complexity of operating in foreign countries and lets you focus on your business. 
Outsourcing + Facilities

Adding centralized team facilities to our outsourcing solution allows outsourced teams to be in localized pods to maximize collaboration and cohesion. We again take on all the complexity of the international requirements as you grow your business. 

Quick Customer Story:


  • Our New York City based client, is a different kind of credit card company, focused on disrupting credit into the future, and a fellow member with RocketPower on the Forbes America's Best Startups To Work for list. 

  • As a highly regulated Fintech we were able to craft a solution that let them extend key engineering efforts with Brazil-based staff.

  • We bring our nearshore staff to our client's HQ at least twice a year to enhance cohesion with the rest of the team,

  • The flexibility and high technical skill of the remote staff allowed our client to hit key engineering objectives ahead of schedule and accelerate their next round of funding. 

What pressing challenges can RockitLaunch Engineering solve for my company now?