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Executive Search

Find the critical senior leaders you need to grow the business.

Leadership drives your performance. 


That’s why Executive Search is core to RocketPower.

We focus on mission-critical leadership hires within key functions of an organization:

People and Talent

Go To Market


Our Team


We understand the importance of team selection when choosing Executive Search Partners.

Besides specific Executive Search acumen all of our Partners and Principal adhere to RocketPower's fundamental approach of a philosophy rooted in transparency, a focus on reducing your risk, and unheard of customization.


Specialized Experience


We deliver on role-specific experience for all types of emerging leaders - from Heads Of - to the C-Suite, up through the CEO. 

Role focus is critical due to the work required to cultivate the proper network to deliver the best results for the client and the candidate.



We have a 4-step delivery process that is agile and adapts to your needs.

To learn more about our process and how it can work for your org, contact us.




We understand each search requires adaptability—it’s the nature of business, from start-ups to the enterprise.

Each search has a lifecycle of its own as we work with the current leadership team to carefully calibrate their needs at every step of the search, from the initial outreach, to adjusting post each engagement with a candidate. 

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Case Study

The Challenge: 

Spring Health is an early stage, Series A mental healthcare startup in NYC with an employee base growing from 50 → 75 seeking a strategic (yet hands-on), Head of People. This Director of People would be someone who can match their thought leadership in the people space with the startup grit and grind of a fast moving, uniquely positioned business. 


The Approach:

  • Growth: this Head of People was a priority with the business's expansion and would likely evolve quickly into a VP level position. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic with COVID-19, Spring Health would still be leaning into the challenging times in prioritizing their employees and this hire. 

  • People Ops Evangelist: despite only having 50 employees, Spring Health already has some best practices like Life Labs (manager training), Culture Amp (surveying), and ERG’s established. We sought a people leader who would bring a new set of ideas and frameworks to the conversation. 

  • Impact: because Spring Health has the metrics for their product’s impact (26%+ engagement; 2x higher recovery rates etc.), we dove deep into candidates’ business impacts in their work with their previous People Ops teams. 


The Results:

This 36 day kickoff to hire is not the norm (average is usually 120 days). However, this truly was a partnership where effective weekly syncs had us calibrated quickly, immediate feedback exchanges reinforced our strategies as the Spring Health team was in many ways the perfect search partner. The person that ended up being “the one” is no stranger to the startup grind, has been hands on while leading teams, and even lives a mission driven life (a leader in supporting their local communities).

“RocketPower, sees the value of having the best combination of people in the right roles, at the right points in their careers. By putting people and relationships first, RocketPower has the process and business acumen to deliver the right results. I can't wait to work with them again!”  - Riley End, SVP, Operations

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