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Flexible Outsourcing

An agile approach enabling you to get the outcomes you need while you're as involved as you like. 

We recruit, hire and employ the team.


We, you, or both of us manage the daily activities.


We handle the HR work.

Your goals become ours and we put skin the game to ensure success.



RocketPower's heritage starts with recruiting - finding the best talent for the role specified by the client. 

We consult with you using our proprietary calibration process to create the exact profiles to fit your needs.


We then deliver the employees utilizing our network, tools, and processes in a rapid fashion that lets you execute your objectives on time.




Effective onboarding sets all parties up for success.

Candidates need to have all of their pertinent information delivered in a timely fashion, and the client needs to have full assurance of compliance with the many complex rules and regulatory scenarios faced in today's world. 

RocketPower delivers confidence to candidates and clients alike through established processes in the US and globally, making onboarding smooth and efficient...getting the employees on the way to achieving the outcomes our clients expect.


Once onboarding is complete, we ensure that all required Human Resources and payroll support is provided to the employee so they can focus on their assigned role with the client.

Our experts work carefully with you and the employees, making sure everyone understands the role they play in the employment relationship, ensuring compliance is never taken for granted.

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Management = Flexible

In our Flexible Outsourcing offering, we consult with you to identify the optimal plan for day to day management of the team, putting skin in the game to ensure success.

Some clients have us fully manage the day to day activities of the team, using our tech stack and processes, where we are responsible for achieving specific goals that ensure their success while also handling the ongoing HR requirements.

In other instances, we share the day to day management responsibilities with our clients, leverage our clients existing tech stack and process, share the responsibility for achieving specific goals that ensure success, while we continue handling the ongoing HR requirements.

The bottom line is that we deliver all of what you need, and none of what you don't. 

Quick Customer Story:

  • Our Silicon Valley based client is one of the world leaders in autonomous vehicle operations and delivery. We partnered with them to accelerate their ability to bring the benefits of their incredible technology to customers across North America.

  • RocketPower’s experts consulted with the client on their talent and people strategy, completed a successful search and placement for their Chief People Officer, and designed a custom staffing, flexible outsourcing, and unique transfer solution to accelerate their success.

  • Our flexible outsourcing approach enabled RocketPower to source, recruit, hire, and employee over 200 Autonomous Vehicle Operators, Drivers, and Operations employees on the clients behalf across North America, accelerating critical live field testing of the company's technology.

  • RocketPower’s custom team staffing solutions delivered hard to find talent that serve in important Software, Data Analytics, and Operations roles.

  • Recognizing the client’s unique business requirements, RocketPower partnered with the client to implement a unique transfer solution, enabling the transfer of 100+ high performing RocketPower employees to internal employees of the client in just 12 months.

  • The extreme flexibility and value received has enabled the company to accelerate their mission right through the pandemic challenges and kept them at the forefront of the autonomous industry.

What custom staffing, flexible outsourcing, or unique transfer solutions are best for me?