Contract Recruiters

Use our unmatched recruiter network and experience to flexibly augment your capacity. 

Outstanding recruiters are among the absolute hardest hires to make in today's market due to exceedingly high demand. 

Our depth of experience, our response right from the start of the current crisis,  and our unique recruiter network allows us to provide contract recruiters on an on demand basis to scale our clients' teams.

Customer Success


Contract Recruiting services include a dedicated Customer Success Manager.  Day to day management of recruiter performance and focus is the responsibility of the client.


Short Term or Long


This is a time and materials based offering providing recruiters on an hourly basis for short to long term hiring needs.


Cost is tuned to each clients budget based on their needs for skill levels, type of recruiting role, and location. 

Unparalleled Network

 We have a dedicated team who does nothing but keep in contact with all of the best recruiters available. 

We have access to recruiters that specialize in hiring all types of Technical roles from Software to Hardware to Network to Security; Product roles; Design; as well as Go-To-Market, Operations, Clinical, and G&A.



Every recruiting organization should target a mix of permanent and contract recruiters.


Having an experienced partner to help you manage the contracting lets you focus on your mission.


Forecasting hiring needs more than a quarter out makes hiring internal recruiters a challenging and risky proposition. 

Quick Customer Story


  • Our San Francisco based client, Opendoor, is intent on a revolution: reinventing life’s most important transaction with a new, radically simple way to buy and sell your home. Their mission is to empower everyone with the freedom to move. 

  • To fulfill their mission, they require an incredibly wide assortment of roles to be filled from engineering to operations to sales to financial and real estate specialists. 

  • We provided Opendoor with a variety of contract recruiters across the country, onsite, remote, and on college campuses.  

  • In addition to enabling the hiring of an incredible 90 software engineers in 6 months at a critical growth phase, we were successful in hiring over 200 sales and mortgage processor personnel. (1).png
How could Contract Recrutiing from RocketPower help with my headcount?