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Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Premiere Recruiting In A Box solution for teams whose recruiting infrastructure needs a boost. 

Explosive growth often happens without the internal recruiting infrastructure to support it.

We've created our RPO  solution to provide the people, process, systems, and consulting to ensure our clients' hiring needs are met - and business goals achieved.



Hiring produces a plethora of data, but much of it is ignored or misused.


RocketPower operationalizes and surfaces the key metrics all stakeholders need.




Hiring done well comes down to a repeatable process.


RocketPower has honed and systematized it end to end - but customized to each client’s needs.



The hiring process can easily go astray when it accelerates.


Effective hiring requires accountability that is designed into our process from end-to-end, from JD to offer.


Customized Plug-and-Play

Our RPO is a plug and play recruiting solution designed to take over all of a company's hiring or a specific portion of it. 


The team can be as small as one person or as large as 20+.  


It can be delivered entirely remote, onsite where appropriate and allowed, or a blend of both.

RPO comes with a project manager, data management, ATS Implementation/optimization and industry best practice recruiting process and methodologies based on our leadership's combined experience scaling companies like Instacart, Mozilla, Salesforce, Uber, Apple, Accenture and many more.

Quick Customer Story


  • Our New York City based client Bitly is dedicated to educating the world about how links drive business results. 

  • They were experiencing significant growth in their engineering team as well as en expansion to a new office across the country. 

  • Our RPO team consisted of a PM, recruiters, and sourcers, who worked in tandem with Bitly's existing team to hit their hiring metrics. 

  • We enabled Bitly to 2x their engineering staff while also placing engineering leads and 2 Directors of Engineering. Despite poor experiences with recruiting outsourcing in the past, the Bitly team was very pleased with the results as noted below:


“We never knew recruiting could be so good. You restored my faith in recruiting.”

Russel Holbrook, VP of Engineering 

How can RPO from RocketPower help my org?