Embedded Services

Introducing Rocketpower's Embedded Services for Expert Recruitment

At Rocketpower, we understand the challenges that come with recruiting top talent for your organization. That's why we offer Embedded Services, a unique approach to recruitment that sets us apart from the competition.

Why Choose Rocketpower for Embedded Services?

Our team of expert recruiters is fully embedded into your company, working closely with your hiring managers and HR team to understand your unique needs and culture. By doing so, we can look and feel like an internal team member to outside people and candidates, allowing us to create and improve your hiring process, recruiting operations, and hiring manager interviews.

Our hands-on approach to recruitment is exclusive to your company's ATS or recruitment software. This ensures that all sourced candidates remain in your database for your use and reference, giving you more control over the hiring process and enabling you to build a pipeline of top talent for future roles.

Embedded Services vs Other Recruitment Service Offerings

Not all recruitment service offerings are created equal, and Embedded Services from Rocketpower stand out for our level of integration with your company. Our team of expert recruiters is fully dedicated to hiring for your company, ensuring that we have a deep understanding of your culture, values, and hiring goals. We act as a consultant for internal operations and processes, which sets us apart from other recruiters.

Things We Do in Embedded Service Offerings

Our Embedded Services offerings stand out in a number of ways. We take ownership of all candidates, ensuring that you have access to the best possible talent for your organization. Our embedded resources act as consultants, providing valuable insights and guidance on internal operations and processes to help you build and grow your team. We also offer flexibility in the size of our recruitment team, allowing you to increase or decrease resources on a monthly basis as your needs change. And because our recruiters are fully embedded into your company, candidates are more likely to respond positively to internal team members rather than a recruiter at an agency.

Choose Rocketpower for Embedded Services that are tailored to your unique needs, delivered with expertise and care, and backed by a team that is fully committed to your success. With our hands-on approach to recruitment, we'll work closely with your hiring managers and HR team to identify the best possible candidates for your organization, building a pipeline of top talent for future roles and ensuring that you have the resources you need to build a strong, capable team.

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