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Custom Team Staffing

You manage the team, we handle the HR work.

Growing companies need custom staffing solutions for a diverse array of important roles and teams.

We find the best people and then manage them as RocketPower employees to maximize speed and flexibility for our clients. 



RocketPower's heritage starts with recruiting - finding the best talent for the role specified by the client. 

We consult with you using our proprietary calibration process to create the exact profiles to fit your needs.


We then deliver the employees utilizing our network, tools, and processes in a rapid fashion that lets you execute your objectives on time.




Effective onboarding sets all parties up for success.


Candidates need to have all of their pertinent information delivered in a timely fashion, and the client needs to have full assurance of compliance with the many complex rules and regulatory scenarios faced in today's world. 

RocketPower delivers confidence to candidates and clients alike through established processes in the US and globally, making onboarding smooth and efficient...getting the employees on the way to achieving the outcomes our clients expect.


Once onboarding is complete, we ensure that all required Human Resources and payroll support is provided to the employee so they can focus on their assigned role with the client.

Our experts work carefully with you and the employees, making sure everyone understands the role they play in the employment relationship, ensuring compliance is never taken for granted.


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Management = Client

In our Custom Team Staffing offering, the client is responsible for the day to day operational management of the RocketPower employees in their contracted assignments.

We handle all of the ongoing HR requirements such as benefits, payroll, transitions, and offboarding if required.


You focus on having the best people in the business execute your objectives.

How can RP’s Custom Team Staffing Solutions solve my talent challenges now?