RocketPower is About People Powering Business.

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RocketPower Leadership

Aileen Tseng
Project Lead
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Alex Walker
Director  of Recruiting
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Amy Sharp
Project Lead
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Ayla MacEachern
Associate Project Manager
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Charla Rodney
Chief People Officer
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Brett Astleford
Chief Technology Officer
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Brian Snodgrass
Director of Recruiting
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Don Rearic
Engagement Manager
Dustin Haugland
Chief Strategy Officer
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Federico Calvino
Technical Recruiting Manager
Federico Jimenez_edited.jpg
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Federico Jimenez
Sourcing Manager
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Florencia Musitani
Delivery Manager
Jeff Baumgarten
Chief Operating Officer
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Jennifer Whitlock
Special Projects
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Jon Tarrico.jpeg
Jon Tarrico
Sourcing Science Lead
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Justine Carion
Engagement Director
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Lucas Rosa
Engineering Director
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Marcelo Donnici
Recruiting Operations Lead
Mathew Caldwell
Founder and CEO
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Megan Schiller
Engagement Manager
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Molly Chambers_edited.jpg
Molly Chambers
Engagement Manager
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nicky russell_edited.jpg
Nicky Russell
Global Director of Talent Acquisition
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Pablo Fasanella
Head of LatAm
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Regan Howell
Head of Outsourcing Operations
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Renee Zubieta
 Director of Recruiting
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Taisha Heimberg
Head of Finance
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Tina Maudsley
Recruiting Manager
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Todd Keyser
Operations Manager
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Tommy Jenkins_edited.jpg
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Tommy Jenkins
VP of Recruiting
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Vanessa Castillo
Senior HR Business Partner
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Whitney Oesting
Director, Contract Recruiting

The RocketPower Story


Silicon Valley veteran Mat Caldwell founded RocketPower in 2016 after serving as the first VP of People and Talent at Instacart and driving their initial incredible hypergrowth phase.


From the start, RocketPower was built to provide organizations a wide breadth of services in one place, while providing a transparent, consultative approach to talent and people solutions. 

   It takes an incredible team to provide this kind of service, and RocketPower has drawn people from diverse backgrounds all across the globe. We've always been a highly distributed company, and while we're based in the San Francisco Bay area, the team hails from across the globe, spanning Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, while operating consistently across time zones and geographies.

No matter the service provided, we all have a commitment to providing transparency, agility, value, and outstanding customer experience to our fantastic clients. 


People Power Business is the ethos of RocketPower. 

We hold each other accountable as a team by adhering to Guiding Principles that let us be consistent with each other and with our clients as People Powering Business.


We call these Guiding Principles SOFE: 

Seek to Understand

We pause...listen with curiosity, contemplate and communicate with empathy and compassion. We want to learn, not assume.


Ownership Mentality

I understand that when I do well the company does well. I take accountability for the quality and success of the is my job!

First Things First

We always do the right thing first. Our business creates opportunities for our teams and our clients. We make decisions that align with achieving the company’s objectives and key results.

Everybody Wins

We seek mutually beneficial outcomes for our clients, for our business and for our teammates.

If this sounds like the kind of place you'd like to join, please check out our Careers Page.