Recruiting on Demand

Recruiting On Demand

Augment your recruiting function with experienced recruiters,

sourcers, coordinators, and operations consultants via our

embedded model to help you hire quickly and cost-effectively.

Recruiting on Demand


How We Work With You

Augment your recruiting capabilities with our comprehensive RPO services. Benefit from experienced recruiters, sourcers, coordinators, and operations consultants embedded in your organization. We work closely with you to swiftly and affordably hire top talent. As a leading RPO provider, we align with your unique needs, understanding your culture and goals. Our deep immersion ensures tailored strategies, proactive candidate sourcing, and streamlined hiring processes. Our astute consultants offer valuable insights for continuous improvement. Experience a customized and dedicated partnership that revolutionizes your recruitment success.

What Sets Us Apart

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Engagements can be launched in as little as one week so your team can get immediate recruiting support. Our team will build a qualified pipeline of candidates within the first weeks of a partnership.

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Our talent consultants will integrate seamlessly into your team’s culture, tools, and process, making them indistinguishable to candidates and hiring managers when compared to their in-house counterparts.

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While you’ll work with our RocketPower team members directly, you’ll still have access to our leadership and talent team’s wealth of knowledge and expertise.


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“RocketPower was able to help us quickly accelerate our work in technical hiring during a two quarter sprint. Their associates dove in immediately with minimal ramp and coaching.”

Michael Kyle - Former VP of Talent Acquisition

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