Building the Future of Healthcare: Unique Strategies for HealthTech Recruitment

Advice from experts · 6/26/2024 · 1 min read

Building the Future of Healthcare: Unique Strategies for HealthTech Recruitment

Over the past several months, our team at RocketPower has been thrilled to deepen our investment in a growing number of recruitment partnerships with HealthTech companies. We are passionate about collaborating with mission-driven organizations that are transforming the face of healthcare. The unique trends in the HealthTech sector have created opportunities for us to design innovative recruitment strategies, discover candidate resources, and develop specialized employer branding for healthcare clients. In an industry where the demand for skilled professionals is intense, many HealthTech firms are redefining recruitment by leveraging AI in technology, fostering inclusive hiring practices, and emphasizing mission-driven engagement to build a dynamic workforce capable of driving groundbreaking advancements in healthcare technology.

The HealthTech industry has been exceptionally active over the past 18 months, even as the broader tech ecosystem has faced a downturn. For instance, there has been a notable increase in Telemedicine and Remote Care firms. The COVID-19 pandemic vastly accelerated the adoption of telemedicine, which continues to grow as patients and providers appreciate its convenience and efficiency. Coupled with technological integrations such as AI-driven diagnostics, remote monitoring, EHR integration, and enhanced mental health access, many regions are updating regulations to support telehealth services, making it easier for companies to expand their offerings.

Mental Health technologies remain at the forefront of the HealthTech space. Mental health apps and digital platforms are providing essential support, including therapy, meditation, wellness tracking, and, through one of our recent partnerships, support for the caretakers of people with critical illnesses. Additionally, Telepsychiatry (remote mental health services) is becoming increasingly common, offering greater access to care for those in need. Finally, AI-driven mental health tools are being developed to monitor conditions, provide early intervention, and offer ongoing support and care.

HealthTech companies face unique challenges when it comes to recruitment due to the specialized skill sets and interdisciplinary knowledge required. Here are some unique recruitment strategies tailored for HealthTech companies:

Employer Branding

Employer branding is especially critical for HealthTech organizations and should lean heavily on their Mission and Purpose. Millennials and Gen Zs place significant importance on working for mission-driven organizations. According to Deloitte's surveys, nearly nine in ten Gen Zs (86%) and millennials (89%) say that having a sense of purpose is key to their job satisfaction and well-being. Furthermore, a substantial portion of these generations are willing to make career decisions based on their values, with many rejecting job offers or assignments that don't align with their personal ethics and beliefs (Deloitte United States). This indicates a strong preference among younger workers for employers who demonstrate a commitment to social impact and ethical practices, putting HealthTech companies in a unique place to align messaging to candidates' long-term purposes. Therefore, purpose-driven messaging, highlighting your company's mission to improve healthcare and patient outcomes, is critical and vastly increases response rates. Candidates who are passionate about making a difference in healthcare are more likely to be attracted to your company. Also, showcasing your company's involvement in community health initiatives and social responsibility programs is very impactful and a great story to share in drip campaign messaging.

Leveraging Technology

Sourcing and screening candidates in the medical field has become increasingly cumbersome, especially when dealing with high inbound application rates and/or marketing to candidates who have potentially made industry jumps. Furthermore, the talent pools for HealthTech companies are not necessarily on LinkedIn. Many clients are integrating AI and ML tools for accelerated candidate screening, utilizing tooling for faster analysis of resumes, as well as virtual annotation for interviews. Furthermore, out of traditional "bedside" experience when it comes to providers, AI is a big theme with many of the clients needing providers (nurses/doctors etc.) with more technical experience, so leveraging Technology in screening is more and more effective in accelerating the top of the funnel.

Building Unique Talent Pools

Building and nurturing talent pools is a cornerstone of recruitment in any industry but specifically in HealthTech. Nurturing candidates who have shown interest in HealthTech companies or previous applications is crucial. Having a CRM and/or ATS strategy where you regularly nurture and engage with this talent pool through newsletters and company updates either via email or on LinkedIn is a great way to nurture future candidates.

Our team has also seen success with several niche job boards and professional networks such as HealthTech Talent, MedTech Careers, AHIMA, HealthTech Nerds, ACDIS, American Academy of Neurology, and Doximity. Healthcare conferences are also an incredibly impactful way to network, including HFMA and professional associations like HIMSS and CHIME.

Diversity and Inclusion

Focusing on your DEI&B strategy early in your company's journey is a best practice for building an inclusive culture and workforce. Actively reaching out to underrepresented groups and networks that focus on diversity in tech is critical. Crafting job descriptions that are inclusive and free from biased language and highlight your company's commitment to diversity and inclusion are also best practices. Including employee testimonials, work experience, career growth, and impact on the company's mission is a great way to attract diverse talent. Lastly, aligning a robust employee benefits package including health and wellness programs and a positive work environment that align with the company's mission is critical.

HealthTech is a very exciting space, filled with dynamic transformation and exciting developments that are transforming the industry, driving efficiency in systems, and ultimately improving patient outcomes. By implementing bespoke recruitment strategies, these startups can attract and retain top talent who are not only skilled but passionate about advancing the industry.