Digital Talent. You Can ALWAYS Get What You Want!

Have you ever felt the frustration of not being able to bring your company to the professional level you need to meet the demand of today’s competitive business environment?

You know you have a great company. The projects available are interesting and challenging and provide competitive compensation in the market.

You seem to have it all… except the right people to fill your open roles.

There are many reasons why your company could be experiencing this situation. Let’s examine this scenario through the lens of some commonly used over-generalizations, like “There is a digital talent shortage”, “Everybody is looking for engineering support” or “Nobody is available to meet my current hiring demands”.

When you further investigate these generalizations, do you really trust the unknown “everybody”? Could there be other reasons why finding the right candidates has become an impossible mission for your team?

Answering these questions would require an in depth analysis of the various roadblocks preventing you from assembling the team you need as quickly as your business requires.

But, do you really understand how to do it?

Generally speaking, there are three main components that should be considered to overcome this obstacle:

  1. Look at your recruitment team. Do you have high performing recruiters who go above and beyond and are trained to find the “purple squirrel” at the speed of light? Do they have a powerful network that helps them find a unique blend of experienced professionals and roles even in the most unknown cities and locations? Do they maintain shared values to be able to work together as a team and make the impossible possible, building a robust pipeline of potential hires?

  2. Examine your methodology. What type of framework do you have in place to ensure you attract the most qualified talent in the marketplace? As we like to say, “recruiting is math, not magic”. At RocketPower, we address challenges by implementing what we call the DPA: Data, Process and Accountability approach. Meet our Chief Strategy Officer, Dustin Haugland, who provides an explanation of our approach: What makes RockitLaunch and RocketPower tick?

  3. Your tools. Do you have the correct tools to source and recruit the team you need? What components make up your technology stack? Do you make use of outreach tools and an ATS system and adopt a collaborative approach and different strategies to increase team engagement and effectiveness?

If any of these three components are failing, you may have found the missing piece that was impeding you from growing and shining.

A while ago, our CEO, Mat Caldwell, mentioned a great quote from Thomas Edison: “Having a vision for what you want is not enough. Vision without execution is hallucination.”

It may be the right time to stop listening to the “everybody” and professionalize the execution of your vision by setting your company up for success and quickly bring in anyone you want.

You can ALWAYS get what you want.

And we can help you.