RocketPower Communities

Updates · 10/17/2022 · 1 min read

RocketPower Communities

RocketPower provides many opportunities for our team members to get together and discuss topics that have significant meaning and impact to them. We have built out six different communities that focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Recruiting, Sourcing, Project Leadership, Talent Intelligence and Data as well as Health and Wellness. Each of these communities meet together with the guidance of their co-chairs to discuss these topics in a safe environment. We want to highlight all of the work that goes into these communities and thank the co-chairs of each community for everything that they do! Read on to learn more about each community, what they stand for and our amazing co-chairs.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community

Happiness at work doesn’t happen if team members don’t feel like they are included or belong in their space. This sense of community and belonging can be challenging in remote work environments. In our DEI Community, we hope to bridge the gap so everyone feels like they have a voice. We discuss topics of a wide variety: from the struggles (and perks!) of a neurodivergent brain to the history of women’s voting rights to celebrating the robust cultures and heritages of the diverse population of the RocketPower team. 

What to Expect:

  • Warm and inviting energy from our co-chairs: Justine Carion, E.L. King, and MJ Jordan

  • A safe space for people to share sensitive topics, feelings and opinions, free from judgment.

  • A low-pressure environment where people can share, or sit back, listen and soak up some knowledge.

  • A variety of topics: We pull from the national DEI calendar that highlights different celebrations and community awareness, and hold ad-hoc meetings periodically when vital/ground-breaking events happen globally. 

Recruiting Community

Recruiting is all about what we do here at RocketPower! Our community is for anyone who is currently in a Recruiting role, or new to Recruiting and would like to learn about RocketPower’s best practices, tools, client engagement, candidate outreach, personal growth and much more.

We provide an open space for all members to suggest fresh topics according to the current talent market or anything they’d like to improve and sharpen regarding their day-to-day recruiting activities. Sign-up to be a co-chair, develop and practice public speaking, and improve your leadership skills; or just be a participant in our interactive sessions. 

What to Expect:

  • A super motivated and friendly co-chair team that includes Jonathan Tureau, Kimberly Middlebrooks and Judy Bambrick!

  • Gain visibility across the entire Recruiting Community across the company, and have FUN at the same time!

  • Fresh and timely topics such as: Standing Out in an Ocean of InMail, Proactive vs Reactive Recruiting, Intake Battle Strategy, Maximizing Candidate & Client Experience, Diversity Recruiting, The Power of Storytelling, How to Get a Candidate Hooked on Your Opportunity, Advanced Calendly Strategies, Top Recruiting Chrome Extensions and LinkedIn Search and Destroy!

Sourcing Community

Sourcing is at the forefront of all of our RocketPower activities, and is the critical first impression to our Talent Pool! A sourcer must be able to blend in and change with the times while being able to identify opportunities where others are not looking. In a candidate-centric market, job seekers may have more than one opportunity in front of them. They are in the process of determining which of the great opportunities they have in front of them is right for them. A good sourcer should not be limited by rules but go ahead and get creative and build an exceptional relationship with the candidate. 

Sourcers are also key players because they find great talent in hidden places or are able to lure candidates who weren't thinking of a change before they were found and contacted. We do believe that every sourcer is likely to be a great recruiter but not every recruiter is a great sourcer. 

What to expect:

  • Sourcing expert Co-Chairs: Carlos Mena and Martin Liporace

  • Meet every 2 weeks to share best practices for successes while sourcing

  • Learn from each other on what’s working and what isn’t

Project Leadership Community

Our Project Leadership community is for anyone that is looking to elevate themselves as a recruiter or a sourcer for leading teams. The majority of our meetings are open forum, every meeting is on a different topic - never the same experience twice!

What to expect: 

  • Co-Chairs: Amy Sharp, Kaleena Marcelin, and Rodrigo Gatica

  • Current market trends and how to address as a leader, 

  • How to run effective 1:1’s, why 1:1’s are important, 

  • Understanding quantitative and qualitative data.  What stories does this tell and why?

  • How to handle difficult conversations.

Talent Intelligence and Data Community

Talent Intelligence and Data is a discussion about anything and everything related to talent shifts and trends we see in the market. Discovering what makes employees happy, successful business practices, and how this knowledge gives a company a distinctive business advantage. Strive to gain insights from the competition. The focus of this group will be more on how we can share, inform, discuss behaviors in the marketplace rather than a learning and development setup. 

What to Expect:

  • Co-Chairs: Roger Arcia, Nelson Parets, Urie Suhr, and Ernesto Leon Requena

  • Looking into what motivates talent and what keeps them engaged 

  • How a sense of fulfillment can come about from work

  • Collaborative discussions on ideas and practices regarding relationships between talent and workplaces

  • Company trends in technology and human relations. 

  • Exploring the ever changing landscape of recruitment and how new developments will unfold and affect individuals in the future

  • Sharing fun facts and providing an open forum for us to express ideas

Health and Wellness Community

Health is Wealth! We believe workplace wellness is mindful leadership. We want to empower our associates to embody success while reducing stress, preventing burnout, and always keeping optimal health at the forefront of their daily lives.  Health and wellness is a part of our culture, and through this community we strive to bring workplace wellness into mindful leadership and action, not only on the 3rd Thursday of the month but every day, every hour, every minute! 

What to expect:

  • Smiles and big energy from community co-chairs: Rachel Vacca, Stephanie Stickler, Anna Morgan and Minda Sulak

  • Wide range of topics such as basic healthy habits, stress management techniques, and mindfulness.

  • We host outside speakers who share their expertise on topics like sleep and burnout prevention.

  • Healthy recipe exchanges and movement competitions

  • A safe space to be vulnerable and share about your health challenges.

  • Education on topics like suicide awareness, breast cancer, heart disease, thyroid conditions, childhood obesity, diabetes, vision awareness, addiction, fertility, autoimmune, and so much more that people face today!