Tapping into Global Talent for Your Growing Team

Advice from experts · 4/25/2023 · 1 min read

Tapping into Global Talent for Your Growing Team

How Tapping into Global Talent Can Address the Challenges of Scarce and Expensive Talent Pools in the US Technology Industry

A Solution to the High Demand for Skilled Software Engineers in the US

The US technology industry has been experiencing a high demand for software engineers in recent years. As a result, the scarcity of skilled software engineers has led to high salaries and expensive recruitment costs, posing a significant challenge for many companies, from start-ups to established tech giants. Fortunately, global talent can help address this issue by providing access to highly skilled software engineers at a lower cost.

In today's highly interconnected world, advancements in technology have made it much more accessible for businesses to expand globally and reach out to talented individuals across cultural and country borders. The Technology Industry is no exception, in fact, it's an ideal industry to explore implementing a global team. The Latin America (LATAM), Europe, and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions have become hotspots for skilled Technology professionals.

LATAM, for instance, boasts a wealth of talent in the technology & digital industry. Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico have a significant pool of skilled professionals who can provide cost-effective solutions to expanding software development teams.

  • Argentina has a highly educated population, strong English proficiency, and an advantageous time zone for collaboration.

  • Brazil offers US companies a large pool of bilingual and multilingual talent at a lower cost of living, as well as a favorable time zone for communication and collaboration.

  • Mexico has a highly skilled workforce, advantageous time zone, and proficiency in English, with a lower cost of living compared to the US.

In the European region, countries such as Poland, Ukraine, and Croatia have become major players in the Technology space, specializing in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, and machine learning.

The APAC region is also another hotspot for skilled professionals. Countries such as India, China, and the Philippines are known for their expertise in the industry. India is a major player in the software development industry, with companies such as Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services offering top-notch IT services. China dominates the hardware industry, while the Philippines has a robust industry, with a focus on areas such as software development and business process outsourcing.

Global talent can offer top-notch technology services at highly competitive rates, enabling companies to expand their reach and improve their services. Legacy beliefs around language fluency, time zone issues, and preconceived notions around the quality and caliber of technical talent can hinder the implementation of a globally distributed team. However, with a great general knowledge of cultural norms, recruiting market intelligence, and a sound recruiting strategy, these barriers can be overcome.

RocketPower’s core service offerings include Global Distributed Engineering, which offers an adaptable solution that enables companies to effectively scale their teams with top-quality Tech Talent. Their international team has extensive experience living and working in LATAM, APAC, and Europe, making them well-equipped to provide companies with the necessary talent to scale their businesses quickly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.

Tapping into global talent can provide a solution to the high demand for skilled software engineers in the US, and can offer cost-effective and skilled solutions to expanding software development teams. With the right strategy and implementation, a globally distributed team can lead to diversity, improved services, and cost-effective solutions.